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Split Jaw Stainless Steel Insulating Clamp Set (2 per set) Code 332

MSRP: $12.75
Price: $11.98
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Part Number: SJ 80106
Manufacturer: Split Jaw Products
Manufacturer Part No: SJ 80106

Stainless version Insulating Clamp Set (2 per set)

SKU: SJ 80106

STAINLESS STEEL VERSION SPECIAL RUN. Split Jaw Insulating Clamp SJ 80106, 2 per bag.

Attaches directly to the rail, providing the best physical connection.  The insulating clamps can be used to electrically isolate a track section.


Our redesign adds extra material to insure the rail is electrically isolated. The long jaw is plastic and the two short jaws are metal, which provides a better grip than an all plastic clamp. To power an isolated siding, simply connect a jumper wire between the two screws You can join different brands of track without the loss of gripping force. These clamps can be used to join modular rail sections. We use PETG plastic material that is durable, stable up to over 300 degrees F, and even flame resistant to UL 94.  Washers protect the long piece from excess torque.


 Use to join: LGB, Aristo-Craft, USA Trains, PIKO,Hartland, Micro Engineering, Accucraft track.  

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