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Design the perfect model railroad or garden railroad layout with USA Trains Locomotives!

USA Trains Locomotives Alco S4
USA Trains has built this model train from the Alco S 4 locomotives produced by Alco and Canadian licensee Montreal Locomotive Works, and was powered by ALCO 539 turbocharged, 6 cylinder diesels. A hard working locomotive to fit any model train layout!
USA Trains Locomotives Big Boy
The Big Boy Locomotives were the only locomotives to have the 4-8-8-4 wheel arrangement, combining two sets of eight driving wheels with both a four-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves and a four-wheel trailing truck to support the firebox.
USA Trains Locomotives Dockside 0-6-0
Arguably one of the best known of all steam locomotive models for half a century. This tiny steam engine was the workhorse of the railroad! Add this locomotive to your model railroad for years of faithful service too!
Quality graphics on these f3a locomotives from USA Trains, these g scale trains are derived from the diesel locomotives of the golden era of railroading.
USA Trains Locomotives F-3AB
The EMD F3 was a 1,500-horsepower freight and passenger-hauling diesel locomotive. Distinctive lines of this classic locomotive look great on any model railroad with many of the most popular lines recognizable paint schemes!
USA Trains Locomotives GG1 Electric
Brilliant engineer ahead of it's time is reflected in this model train based on the GG 1 Electric Locomotive. USA Trains brings us this magnificently crafted electric locomotive to add elegance to any model train railroad.
USA Trains Locomotives GP30
The first so-called "second generation" EMD diesel locomotive, and was produced in response to increased competition by a new entrant, General Electric's U25B. One of the most distinctive trains on any garden railroad.
USA Trains Locomotives GP38
Add to your model railroad with the classic lines of the USA Trains GP 38 model trains. Many distinctive railroad lines to choose from. 6 NEW ROAD NAMES NOW AVAILABLE!!
USA Trains Locomotives GP9
USA Trains features many common railroad lines in their model train set of GP9 Locomotives. Dual motors drive, exterior and interior detailing, and quality graphics makes this a perfect g scale locomotive!
USA Trains Locomotives NW2
Two motors, dual smoke stacks, detailed interior with engineer in this USA Trains NW 2 Locomotive. A durable g scale locomotive with classic lines and quality graphics - sure to enhance any model train railroad!
USA Trains Locomotives PA-1
Dual powered motors, and operating smoke stacks, real metal side screens and more make this a fine addition to any model railroad, the USA Trains PA 1 Locomotive.
USA Trains Locomotives Sets
Matching set of PA 1 USA Trains Locomotives in popular railroad paint schemes! Fill in between with box cars, passenger cars, hoppers, or gondolas to make a completely unique model train set.
USA Trains Locomotives SD 40
Utilized primarily as a passenger locomotive, this USA Trains SD 40 Locomotive would look great paired with passenger cars, observation cars, dining cars, and intermodals on your g scale model train layout.
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Union Pacific FEF-3 #844
Price: $3,699.89
Part Number: R20080
Union Pacific FEF-3  #844
Union Pacific FEF-3 #8444
Price: $3,699.89
Part Number: R20081
Union Pacific FEF-3  #8444
Union Pacific FEF-3 #8444-Greyhound
Price: $3,699.89
Part Number: R20082
Union Pacific FEF-3  #8444-Greyhound
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