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Tradition on many lines held that the caboose should be painted a bright red, though on many lines they would paint them in the same corporate colors as locomotives. Kansas City Southern was unique in that they left their cabooses unpainted stainless.

Below you will find 90+ USA Trains cabooses decked out in the colors of the railroads they faithfully served!

USA Trains Cabooses Baywindow
In a bay window caboose, the crew monitoring the train sits in the middle of the car in a section of wall that projects from the side of the caboose, affording a better view of the side of the train.
USA Trains Cabooses Center Cupola
The Center Cupola is the most common caboose style in American railroad history. This USA Trains Caboose has a small windowed projection on the roof, called the cupola. The crew sat in elevated seats in order to inspect the train from this perch.
USA Trains Cabooses Extended Vision
Also known as Wide Vision cabooses, the Extended Vision caboose with the expanded cupola allowed the crew to see past the top of the taller rail cars that began to appear after World War II.
USA Trains Cabooses Woodsided
The caboose provided the train crew with living quarters and was used by the conductor as a "mobile office". The crew could also inspect the train for problems such as shifting loads, broken or dragging equipment, and hot box situations.
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