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AMS American Model Supply 1:20.3

Design the perfect model railroad or garden railroad layout with Accucraft Box Cars, Stock Cars, Jackson & Sharp Coaches, Tank Cars, Gondolas, Cabooses, Reefers, Logging Cars, Locomotives, and more! We are an Accucraft dealer, which allows us to bring these superb products to you for a great low price.

Scaled to Fn3 - 1:20.3 - NARROW GAUGE - 45 mm Gauge.

Accucraft  AMS  Box Cars
First used in quarries and coal mines as early as the 1820s, the box car evolved to haul large amounts of freight in any type of weather. The box car quickly became the preferred mode of transportation by the mid-19th century.
Accucraft Cabooses
Perhaps the most striking feature ever applied to the railroad caboose was its cupola. What began as a hole in a boxcar’s roof the view afforded from this position, to not only see the train ahead but also from all sides, and the cupola caboose was born!
Accucraft Flat Cars
The flatcar was the original freight car used by railroads predated even box cars! Their basic design has changed little since it began.
Freight Car Wheels
Replacement wheels for your Accucraft freight cars. Keep your model train collection in top shape with replacement wheels.
Accucraft Gondolas
Simply one of the most versatile of railroad cars, used to carry scrap metal, steel coils, new rails, bulk goods and many other types of commodities. This versatility made it a favorite to railroad systems due to it's ease of use and profitability.
Accucraft has introduced a ground-breaking model for large-scale railroaders. An accurately scaled passenger coach that matches the 1:20.3 scale locomotives in size and appearance.
Accucraft Logging Car
The West Side Lumber Company railway was the last of the narrow gauge logging railways operating in the American west.
Accucraft  AMS  Reefers
A refrigerator car, also known as a reefer, is a refrigerated boxcar. Reefers can be ice-cooled, come equipped with mechanical refrigeration systems, even using carbon dioxide (either as dry ice, or in liquid form) as a cooling agent.
Accucraft Stock Cars
The stock car is basically a boxcar with a covered roof, slated sides to allow for proper ventilation, water and feed troughs, and a ramp for loading and unloading livestock such as pigs, sheep, and cattle.
Accucraft Tank Cars
The tank car is usually specifically designed to haul a particular type of material such as food-based products or various chemicals.
Three Bay Hoppers
The Hopper is designed with opening doors on the underside or on the sides to discharge its cargo and have been used by railways worldwide to speed unloading of grains, coal, and other bulk materials.
Accucraft Wheels
Keep your model trains in top shape with these Accucraft Wheels.
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5ft Flex Track Brass Narrow Gauge 12 Pcs 60ft Total - Code 250
MSRP: $340.00
Price: $329.89
You Save: $10.11
Part Number: AM39-101
5ft Flex Track Brass Narrow Gauge 12 Pcs 60ft Total - Code 250
12 PCS. PER BOX FOR A TOTAL OF 60' Code 250 Narrow Gauge Track.
Rail Clamp Code 250 10pcs
Price: $20.99
Part Number: AM39-106
Rail Clamp Code 250 10pcs
Wheel & Tie Car - D&RGW
MSRP: $180.00
Price: $159.89
You Save: $20.11
Part Number: AM31-394
Wheel & Tie Car - D&RGW
The Accucraft D&RGW Wheel & Tie Car - Gray is built with the highest standards of quality and ease of use for exceptional service on your garden railroad.
Ties: 1ft Narrow Gauge Code 250 (48 pcs/box)
MSRP: $53.00
Price: $49.75
You Save: $3.25
Ties: 1ft Narrow Gauge Code 250 (48 pcs/box)
Code 250 Narrow Gauge Ties - Plastic-Brown
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