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AirWire 14.8V 3400 mAh LiIon Battery

MSRP: $75.00
Price: $64.89 SHIPS UPS ONLY
Part Number: AW BAT3
Manufacturer: AirWire
Manufacturer Part No: BAT3
The "BRICK" battery is rated at 4.9A continuous with a 6A peak discharge rating. The compact size is perfect for small spaces found in switchers like the NW2 and S4 as well as steam engine tenders like the C19.
The battery dimensions are 2.78” x1.45” x 1.45”. It weighs 10 ounces. 

Highest Peak Load Rating At More Than 10 Amps - G scale locomotives require high starting currents for locomotives with a single motor. If the loco has 2 motors, the starting current is doubled. The new CVP Battery is specified to deliver more than 10 Amps for a short period of time (a burst or surge) without shutting down. Don’t be fooled by similar looking batteries from other vendors. If the peak rating of the battery is not stated, then expect the worst - expect it to shut down if peak exceeds more than a couple of amps. 

Fully Protected The new CVP battery pack includes an internal circuit board that prevents the battery pack from short circuits, overloads as well as automatic cutoff when the battery is fully discharged. The circuit also protects during charging to prevent over charging. The built in protection is what ensures the new CVP battery provides many years of trouble-free use. 

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