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USA Trains Box Cars
The boxcar is probably the most versatile of all railroad cars, since it can carry almost any type of load. USA Trains brings us many of the well known names of railroad lines of the past in these box cars.
USA Trains Cabooses
If you are looking to add a new caboose to your garden railroad, browse our extensive collection of USA Trains cabooses. We carry bay window, center cupola, extended vision, and woodsided cabooses.
USA Trains Flat Cars
Flatcars are used for loads that are too large or cumbersome to load in enclosed cars such as boxcars. They are also often used to transport intermodal containers (shipping containers) throughout the railroad system.
USA Trains Hoppers
This type of car is distinguished from a gondola car in that it has opening doors on the underside or on the sides to discharge its cargo. Hopper cars have been used by railways worldwide whenever automated cargo handling has been desired.
USA Trains Intermodal
Mass transportation of goods from ship to truck to rail was the cornerstone of Intermodal Flat Cars. Exquisitely detailed, these USA Trains Flat Cars brighten any model train or garden railroad!
Magnificently crafted USA Trains locomotives are a great value, an economical way to add various locomotives to your model train layout or collection. These meticulously built trains feature the paint schemes of many popular and unique rail lines!
USA Trains Military Series
Troop bunk cars, tank carriers, ordinance cars, Military theme locomotives are a few of the selections we have from USA Trains Military Series.
USA Trains Ore Cars
Commonly used to transport coal, ore, scrap metal, dirt and other industrial type of loads from work or mining sites.
USA Trains Parts and Accessories
Keep your model trains and garden railroads in top shape with USA Trains Parts and Accessories!
USA Trains Passenger Cars
A passenger car, known as a coach or carriage in the UK, is a piece of railway rolling stock that is designed to carry passengers. The term passenger car can also be associated with a sleeping car, baggage car, dining car and railway post office cars.
USA Trains Piggybacks
Truck trailers were first carried by railway before World War II, an arrangement often called "piggyback". The Canadian Pacific Railway was a pioneer in piggyback transport, becoming the first major North American railway to introduce the service in 1952.
USA Trains Tank Cars
Tank cars can be insulated or non-insulated, pressurized or non-pressurized, and designed for single or multiple loads depending on the type and nature of the liquid they are carrying.
USA Trains Track and Switches
Track is the most critical part of your garden railroad and USA Trains Track is made of solid brass. USA Trains curved track and switches, also made of solid brass rail, to design any type of model railroad layout.
USA Trains Woodchip Cars
Forest products are one of the main products transported in Woodchip cars. Before the lease of operations to CN, the railway transported over 120,000 carloads of lumber, pulp, woodchips, and other forest products per year.
USA Trains Work Train Series
Browse our large selection of USA Trains work cars for a unique addition to your model railroad. We have 25 Ton Crane Cars, Bunk Cars, Crane Tender Cars, Derrick Cars, Engineering Cars, Flat Cars, Kitchen Cars, Power Light Cars, Rail & Tie Cars, and more!
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Patriotic Bunk Car
Price: $64.89
Part Number: R18301
Patriotic Bunk Car
Rio Grand F7 AB Set
Price: $746.89
Part Number: R22280
Rio Grand F7 AB Set
We offer gift certificates for the model railroader in your family or choose one of our train sets. You can find more of our Bachmann Train sets, including Li'l Big Haulers, by going to the Train Starter Sets section.