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AirWire SD40 Decoder

DCC Decoder
Price: $129.89
Part Number: AWSD40
Manufacturer: AirWire
Manufacturer Part No: AWSD40
The SD40 dcc drop in decoder utilizes the exact same number and type of connectors, plugs and sockets for SD40 locomotives.
You will be delighted to discover that the AirWire Drop-In series of decoders are designed to fit into a specific locomotive chassis using the same mounting holes and screws. Once mounted, simply plug in the wiring harnesses into their matching sockets. Installation has never been easier.

Battery and battery charger hookup is just as easy because we include all the necessary plugs and connectors.

But, we’ve gone one step further. The Phoenix P8 sound module is the latest addition to their product lineup. Included with the sound module is a prewired plug that connects directly into the Drop-In decoder’s matching socket. An additional wire harness is necessary to link the P8 to the Drop In board. Please note there are two different wire harness's, you will need the USA/P8 connectore found on the Air Wire product page.  Connec the speaker and you are ready to enjoy premium sound effects from one of the leaders in large scale sound.

The AirWire Drop-In decoders have all of the features of the G3 decoder and more. The supersonic motor drive provides smooth, silent and powerful drive to the motors. Built-in cruise control maintains constant speed up and down your railroad and special slow speed algorithms enable the locomotive to crawl at a tie a minute. Easy to adjust speed curves allow for precise speed matching of different types of locomotives. In short, the Drop-In is a rugged and dependable decoder perfect for heavy duty  outdoor railroads.

The Drop-In decoders expand your options for locomotive lighting. In addition to complete remote control of the lights, we have also included lighting effects such as mars lights, gyra lights, dome flashers, strobes and rotary beacons. Although they might not be applicable to the locomotive, they are present should you wish to hook them up separately.
For you F3 locomotive fans, you’ll appreciate the addition of a B-unit version of the F3A Drop-In decoder. Simply install the F3B decoder and attach the B-unit to the A-unit with the supplied 2-conductor cable. It has all the capabilities of the F3A Drop-In decoder and each decoder can be independently fine tuned for desired performance and precise speed matching.

Use with T5000 Wireless Throttle
The Drop-In decoders work with our popular T5000. Using these throttles makes decoder setup fast and easy. All operating information is stored inside the decoder allowing each locomotive decoder to have specific performance characteristics no matter which throttle is used.

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