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AirWire K-27/C-19 Plug In Decoder

Price: $139.89
Part Number: AW K-27
Manufacturer: AirWire
Manufacturer Part No: AW K-27
AirWire K-27/C-19 Plug In decoder with external antenna.
  • Works with all battery packs
  • High power, protected outputs
  • Cruise-control mode
  • Compatible with DCC sound decoders
  • Works with all AirWire900 throttles
  • Supersonic motor drive
  • Based on NMRA-DCC Standards
  • View the Hook-up Diagram!
  • An additional wire harness is neccesary to connect the P8 to the Drop In Board. It can be found on our website on the Aire Wire page, you will need the C19.P8 connector.
  • Fits either Bachmann K27 or C19 locomotives. 
        Includes connecting cables for battery and charger 
  • Independent Control Of All Locomotive Lighting - In addition to the front and rear headlights, the new decoder allows independent control of the cab interior light, the front marker lights, and the firebox. These lights are all preassigned to specific throttle function keys. The assignments can be changed at any time.
  •  Phoenix Coupler Drivers Included – This decoder features ready-to-go sockets and activation circuitry to drive the new Phoenix remote couplers. Now it is easy and convenient to add remote couplers to your locomotive that will open up a whole new world of garden railroad operation. Since everything is built into the new Plug-In decoder, the expense of an extra coupler controller board is eliminated. This lowers the overall cost of adding this exciting new capability. The front coupler is activated with throttle function 3 and the rear coupler is activated with throttle function 13. Of course you may reassign them if desired. 
  • Phoenix sound modules and couplers are sold and serviced by Phoenix Sound Systems. Please contact them to obtain more information and to purchase their products.
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