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AirWire Adapta-1 Board

Price: $25.00
Part Number: AWAdapa
Manufacturer: AirWire
Manufacturer Part No: AWAdapa
G3 decoder board for AristoCraft locomotives, this version of AirWire's Adapta-1 board is assembled.
As requested by many users, the new Adapta-1 board makes installation of a G3 decoder into an Aristo locomotive much easier. This board plugs directly into the locomotive’s DCC/RC socket.

Well labeled terminal strips make wiring much simpler. Match up the terminal with the appropriate terminal on the G3. Terminals are large enough for 18AWG wire although 20AWG is more than adequate.

A self-resetting polyfuse is included to protect the battery from catastrophic failures. There is no need to add another external fuse.

The Adapta-1 board is sold fully assembled so it can be used immediately. Or you can purchase a kit and assemble it yourself to save some money. You will need to do some simple soldering and assembly takes less than 15 minutes.

The Adapta-1 Users Guide details the hookup of the Adapta-1 to a G3 and its mounting inside a GP40 locomotive. The guide has photos, hints and tips. It also shows how to use the existing power switch. The best part is a complete pictorial of the GP40 circuit boards and how they interconnect to each other. Should you ever break a wire inside the locomotive, you’ll really like this handy addition.
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