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AirWire 900 Activator for DCC Model Trains

Airwire for DCC Model Trains
Price: $106.89
Part Number: AW900Activator
Manufacturer: AirWire
Manufacturer Part No: AW900Activator
CVP Products AirWire 900 Activator provides model train remote control for all of your switch machines and almost any other type of garden railroad accessory.
Four Independent Outputs
Each Activator has 4 separate and independent outputs. Each output pair is rated at 500mA or 1⁄2 amp continuous. This is more than adequate for throwing LGB snap switch machines. For higher current requirements, connect the output to a relay. The mode of the outputs, pulse, continuous or a  combination is chosen using the SETUP switches. The output drivers are socketed for easy  replacement - just in case.

Simple Group Number Selection
Each Activator is given a unique group number using the rotary switches on the front panel. Group numbers range from 01 to 99. The number may be changed at any time and the change takes effect instantly. No complicated programming is necessary or required. With 4 separate outputs for each group number, your AirWire throttle can control up to 396 separate accessories. If you need more, just call - we can extend the group numbers much higher with a simple chip change.

Simple Setup
The various modes of operation are selected using the front panel setup switches. These 4 switches establish the operation mode and dictate what the Activator Outputs do when the activation command is received. Outputs can be simple On/Off switches for relays or lamps, pulsing for switch machine use or alternating on/off for flashing beacons or grade-crossing flashers.

Local Push-Button Inputs
In addition to being remotely activated, the Local-In jack allows the use of external momentary push buttons to activate the outputs. The Local-In jack is a standard 6 conductor modular telephone jack. Cables and plugs are readily available at most hardware or electronics stores. CVP also supplies almost any length of cable with connectors on one end.

Plug-In Terminal Blocks
All wiring to the Activator’s outputs are by way of the 8 position, plug-in terminal block. This
provides a quick and convenient way to disconnect the railroad wiring from theActivator.

Absolutely No Confusing Programming
There is no programming or complicated NMRA-DCC setup routines to use the Activator.All controls and setup options are done from the front panel.

Easy To Understand Status Indicators
Two bright LED indicators help monitor the Activator operation. When the Activator input signal is power plus commands, the GP indicator is on solid. If only DC is present without and commands, the GP indicator blinks slowly. The ST indicator flashes anytime the Activator receives a command addressed to one of its outputs. This is a great troubleshooting indicator for your railroad accessory wiring. If the Activator receives a command but the turnout or accessory doesn’t activate, you will know to check the wiring or the accessory itself for proper operation.

Three Separate Output Modes
There are 3 basic operation modes: Pulse, Continuous or Combo. Pulse is a short activation of the output from ON then back to OFF. This is typically used for throwing momentary accessories like switch machines. When in the Pulse mode, all 4 outputs behave the same. Continuous means the output is either continuously on or OFF. It doesn’t pulse. In this mode, the two outputs are complimentary - i.e. if one is ON, the other is OFF and vis versa. When in the Continuous mode, all 4 outputs behave the same. Combo mode sets two of the outputs to flash alternately like a grade-crossing signal and the other two are set for Continuous. Combo mode allows one Activator to control different types of outputs.

Two Different Pulse and Flash Durations
The PD setup switch selects between a standard 1⁄2 second pulse duration or doubles the pulse duration to about 1 second. The FR setup switch selects between a standard 1/4 second per flash rate or double that rate.

With Or Without The Enclosure
The Activator can be ordered with or without the plastic enclosure. The bare board is handy where the Activator is mounted inside a small structure or in a larger enclosure that houses several activators. Either version features the same capabilities. The bare board version uses standard terminal strips permanently mounted to the board.

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