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We carry Accucraft locomotives, cabooses, box cars, flat cars, reefers, stock cars, tank cars and all the accessories to keep your garden railroad in top form.

All of our products are sold sealed in the original manufacturing packaging unless noted. As an Accucraft dealer, we are able to bring you the same high quality Accucraft model trains and rolling stock at a significantly lower price.

These superbly precision crafted model trains have been carefully researched and are as close to original as possible and at the same time remarkably practical working models.
Accucraft  AL
Custom built brass model trains expertly crafted by Accucraft, includes Mason Bogie, D&RGW, Royal Hudson, Southern Pacific live steam locomotives and electric locomotives.
Accucraft AMS American Model Supply
Accucraft Box Cars, Stock Cars, Jackson & Sharp Coaches, Tank Cars, Gondolas, Cabooses, Reefers, Logging Cars, Locomotives, and Track in Fn3 - 1:20.3 Scale - NARROW GAUGE - 45 mm Gauge.
Accucraft Classic Series
In stock, the Accucraft Ruby Live Steam Locomotive!
Accucraft Parts and Accessories
We offer a large selection of parts & accessories to both customize and repair both locomotives or rolling stock. We have air pumps, stacks, snowplows, track cleaning fluid, bells, whistles, domes, headlights, marker lights, pilots, pop valves and more!
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Accucraft Brass Switch Stand
Accucraft Brass Switch Stand
Price: $24.99
Part Number: AM39-109R
Accucraft Brass Switch Stand
The Accucraft Brass Switch Stand is built with the highest standards of quality and ease of use for exceptional service on your garden railroad.
SP M-6 #1727 Electric Locomotive
Price: $2,350.00
Part Number: AL98-202
SP M-6 #1727 Electric Locomotive
Limited production, 1:32 scale, Electric brass locomotive.